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Varamis Rail redefining express rail for freight

Faster Cheaper Greener

The UK’s first high speed rail logistics company providing fast, zero emission linehaul logistics services.

Decarbonising the UK
Reducing congestion
Reducing pollution

Saved 642mtCO2e
July-Dec 2023

That's the equivalent of 72 standard UK homes annual carbon footprint

Saved 365,400 miles
July-Dec 2023

That's 9 times around the world

Scotland to Birmingham

Our first high speed, zero emission supply chain

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Run Times
Days of Operation
Service Protocol Mossend
Service Protocol Birmingham Int’l

Developing a network of zero emission,rapid rail logistics services for the movement of goods across the UK & Europe


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How it works

Goods are delivered to city centre train stations

For consolidation and loading on to the train.

Rapid Rail Transportation

Using high speed, fully electric trains dedicated to providing zero emission linehaul.

Last mile to your hub!

Goods are then unloaded at city centre hubs for onwards delivery to sortation, fulfilment and delivery station warehousing.


Our vision

Our commitment to bringing express sustainable deliveries to the UK

Showcase in Birmingham

Fully Charged's Robert Lleweylln visits us in Birmingham

Discussion with Railfreight discussion with Phil Read

Looking to stand out in a crowded market?

Use high speed rail as a reliable, zero emission differentiator for a sustainable supply chain.

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