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Zero emissions logistics?

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Varamis exists to provide a viable alternative to decarbonising the logistics supply chain

Driven by the need for the logistics industry to reach net zero and the complexities around decarbonising long distance road haulage, Varamis provides the ultimate alternative for the UK and European supply chain.

Through strategic access to urban rail stations located within the heart of city centres, Varamis is able to transport large amounts of volume quickly and efficiently between logistics centres and heavily populated cities as a complete end to end solution, with zero emission electric trains at its core.

The Problem

  • Existing rail freight trains are too slow with an average speed of 24 mph (Revealed in Network Rail’s London Rail Freight Strategy Paper, March 2020)
  • Changing consumer habits require faster delivery times with low environmental impact
  • Reliability of deliveries is falling because of increasing e-commerce demand, congestion on our roads, and existing hub and spoke models are operating at capacity.
  • Same day delivery is expensive by road. No cost effective solution exists to distribute goods quickly without impacting margins

The Solution

A 100mph fully electric rail based linehaul service where logistics customers can …

  • reduce distribution times in comparison to road based linehaul.
  • gain a competitive advantage within the express logistics market.
  • reduce unit haulage costs to save money and increase profitability.
  • lower their environmental impact through reduced congestion, emissions and increased ESG alignment.


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